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Now more than ever, people are beginning to seriously notice the brightness of a smile, and it makes sense that your smile is one of your most important assets. A whiter smile is typically associated with good oral health and usually leads to better first impressions. If this is the case, then why not try to whiten your smile? Before talking to your local dentist, here are some natural and healthy ways to gain a bright smile.

Always brush and floss: Allowing plaque and bacteria to build up on your teeth will dull your smile. That’s why it’s important to brush and floss regularly! By keeping your teeth clean, you’re also preserving their health, which will result in a naturally white smile.

Refrain from dark, staining liquids: Drinks like coffee, black tea, and red wine are known to darken tooth enamel. If you’re really serious about brightening your teeth, cut down on these drinks or use a straw (as silly as it may sound) to direct the liquid away from your front-facing teeth.

Keep your gums healthy: Having pink gums is an indicator of good oral health and will also make your teeth appear whiter. Remember to floss at least once a day to preserve your gum health.

Snack on fruits and veggies: Chewing raw fruits and vegetables is like a toothbrush in itself! The fruit will help scrape away any existing plaque and also produce saliva, which helps eliminate bacteria.

Over-the-counter remedies do work: If you need an added boost, try an over-the-counter whitening kit. Although these products typically only target the front six teeth, they can help your smile become whiter.

Schedule an appointment with your Albuquerque dentist: The most effective method for whitening your teeth is a professional whitening appointment with your local dentist. Whitening is much faster in a dental office and can brighten teeth better than any other method.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to whitening your smile, contact Dr. Mark Bleak in Albuquerque to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bleak performs teeth whitening for patients, resulting in natural-looking, beautiful, and bright smiles.

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Traditionally, dental x-rays were uncomfortable to receive. A sensor and film were placed into the mouth at an awkward angle, and then a waiting period would ensue while the film developed. 

Thankfully, digital x-rayshave created a more comfortable and efficient way to receive x-rays, and some of their benefits are below.

They are completely electronic: Whereas traditional dental x-rays took time to develop, digital x-rays are immediately uploaded onto a computer for patients and doctors to view. There is no downtime for the patient.

There is less radiation: Digital x-rays emit 90 percent less radiation than their traditional counterparts. This is especially important for patients who receive x-rays on a more frequent basis; now they no longer have to worry about receiving x-rays at the dentist.

They are more efficient and comfortable: Since patients no longer have to wait for the x-ray film to develop, dental appointments become shorter and you will spend less time in the dentist’s chair receiving your x-rays.

The images are a higher quality: Digital x-rays are capable of being magnified and enlarged, which allows dentists to hone in on potential problem areas and create more accurate diagnoses. The brightness and contrast can also be adjusted to enhance the x-rays.

They are easier to transfer: If a patient needs to be referred to another dentist or specialist for treatment, digital x-rays create an easy way to get transferred to other parties. Since the technology is completely electronic, dentists can easily email the x-rays as opposed to sending them in the mail.

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Dr. Mark Bleak provides digital x-rays as a part of the gentle dentistry he provides to patients. If you would like more information about the services we provide, or to schedule a consultation with us in Albuquerque, contact us today!

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Technology has revolutionized restorative and cosmetic dentistry by creating crowns that only take one day to craft and place. Traditionally, dental crowns would take weeks to complete and recipients would have to wear uncomfortable temporaries for weeks until their permanent crowns were ready to be placed. Traditional crowns also involved messy and bad-tasting impressions that were needed to create the crowns and their temporaries.

But same-day crowns have eliminated the wait and the mess. Now you can receive the same, high quality crowns in just one dental appointment!

Same-Day Crowns Use Modern Technology!
Same-Day crowns utilize E4D technology that uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to create a crown in just one day. The CAD technology is able to scan digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and transfer those images to the milling machine that produces the crown in one sitting. Patients can even watch the creation of their crown from the dentist’s chair without the need for temporaries or uncomfortable impressions.

E4D technology is capable of creating veneers, inlays, bridges, and other restorations in a highly advanced manner that takes patient comfort into consideration.

Why Choose Same-Day Crowns?
  •  E4D removes the human error element from taking impressions and placing restorations by creating precise, accurate results without any discomfort on the part of the patient.
  • Each restoration houses the same quality material as traditional crowns and looks just as natural.
  • Dentists can still preserve the natural tooth structure and perform minimally invasive procedures.
  • No uncomfortable impressions or temporary crowns are necessary.
  • Patients receive their restorations in one day!

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Dr. Mark Bleak offers same-day crowns to patients looking to efficiently restore their smile with accurate results. If you would like more information about same-day crowns, or to schedule a consultation with us in Albuquerque, contact our office today!

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