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With one phone call I landed in the urgent care of an exceptional dentist as a stranger. After deliberation, exploration and multiple x-rays he suggested an alternative to the extraction I self diagnosed. The pain in my lower jaw and gums has been going on for over a month and my usual dentist didn’t take it serious and was out of town for the week. I planned an out of State trip and didn’t want the problems along the way. A friend referred me to Dr. Lafferty, and he actually listened to my symptoms. The antibiotics and awesome mouth rinse began helping after the first day! And I still have the tooth I expected to lose. Win-win!

Linda C.
of Albuquerque, NM

The first time I visited this office, I noticed the name plate included "Gentle Dentistry." I smiled and thought to myself, I'll see. I have had work done here several times and have found them all to be professional, thorough and friendly. They use the latest technology and strive for perfection. And, like the name plate states, they are gentle and concerned about the comfort of their patients. I look forward to them being my dental team for a long time.

Alice B.

My wife, Agnes and I have been patients at this dental office for 40+ years. During this time, each of the doctors have given us the best possible dental care. The care provided extends from the simple oral cleaning, to bridge work, to tooth implants.

The professionalism goes beyond the usual Doctor/Patient care. To cite just one example: I needed to see Dr. Bleak regarding a serious tooth problem. The clinic was closed, but he came in from a near-by trail, where he was hiking with his son, to take care of my problem.

Our interaction with the clinic technical and administrative staff has always been tops!

Agnes and I feel that Dr. Bleak is not only our Doctor but our friend as well.

As ever,

Julian S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bleak's since he began practicing here in Albuquerque, and I feel that I was fortunate to be referred to him.

The quality of his work is the best that I have received in over 60 years of receiving continual dental care. This is a great tribute to Dr. Bleak, as I have seen several good dentists. I see many reasons for this: he sincerely cares about the quality of his work, which is outstanding; he truly cares about his patients, their well-being, and their response to his treatment; to facilitate best practices, he does not hesitate to improve his office equipment and continues to increase his knowledge by pursuing specialized training; and he is supported by a caring and professional staff.

I have referred friends to Dr. Bleak, and will not hesitate to do so in the future. He has provided excellent care and I have been exceedingly pleased with that and with our working relationship.

Paul F.

Albuquerque, NM