Ceramic Inlay | Onlay


Ceramic Inlay | Onlay Restorations

in Albuquerque, NM

In order to repair minor damage to your teeth, we can use a composite filling (white filling), an inlay, or an onlay rather than a more dramatic procedure like a crown.

A composite filling or a ceramic inlay/onlay is used to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or small cracks and fractures. The damaged area of the tooth is removed, and the tooth-colored filling material is placed. While both the composite and ceramic materials are great restorations, composite is not as strong as ceramic and therefore does not last as long. Dr. Lafferty has invested in a state-of-the-art laser, computer system, and mill, which allow them to provide high quality, esthetically pleasing inlays and onlays on the same day.

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