Albuquerque Same-Day Crowns

Ceramic Restorations Created & Placed in a Single Visit

Traditionally, receiving a dental crown would involve a slow process where patients must endure long waiting periods and unreliable temporary crowns. Thanks to modern technology, dentists can place crowns efficiently and within a single dental appointment.

Dr. Lafferty’s Albuquerque dental office provides same-day crowns for patients looking to restore a weak or decayed tooth. Same-day crowns allow patients to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile with better quality and greater comfort.

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns use CAD/CAM technology and a milling machine to fabricate ceramic crown restorations. When a crown needs to be created, CAD/CAM technology is used to scan digital impressions of the teeth and transfers the impressions to the milling machine. The milling device uses these images to craft a crown from a block of ceramic material that is customized to suit your teeth.

How Are Same-Day Crowns Applied?

We diagnose your needs using a state-of-the-art laser computer system and design a treatment plan with your bite and teeth in mind. CAD/CAM technology allows crown placement to be more precise and also creates virtual guides that demonstrate how your treatment will be completed.

Once Dr. Lafferty has prepared the necessary tooth, he will take digital impressions that are transferred over to the milling machine, where the customized crown is accurately crafted. In minutes, your crown is ready to be placed, and you can immediately enjoy a healthier smile.

Same-Day Crowns

in Albuquerque

With same-day crowns, we are able to save you time in and out of the dentist’s chair. In under an hour, you can restore your smile with the same quality and aesthetic benefits of traditional crowns. Same-day crowns can last for years and are specifically designed to match your tooth size, shape, and color.

No longer do you have to deal with a poor-fitting temporary crown for two weeks. Dr. Lafferty has invested in a state-of-the-art laser, computer system, and mill, which allow them to provide high-quality, aesthetically pleasing crowns in one day and within his Albuquerque office.

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For more information about same-day crowns or to find out whether same-day crowns are right for you, contact ABQ Gentle Dentistry, INC in Albuquerque today and schedule an appointment!
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