Prosthodontics in Albuquerque  

Although teeth are very strong, they are not indestructible, and when tooth damage strikes, you begin to appreciate the vital role they play in your everyday life. From giving you a beautiful smile to helping you chew and pronounce words properly, their function is undeniable and indispensable.

When you need solutions to tooth damage or tooth loss, Dr. Dan Lafferty and his team offer care that restores function and beauty to smiles. ABQ Gentle Dentistry in Albuquerque repairs and replaces teeth using the latest technology for accurate and time-saving treatments.

Inlays and Onlays, Porcelain Prosthetics to Restore Beauty and Function

When significant damage affects a tooth, a filling may be an inadequate treatment. Instead, Dr. Lafferty may recommend an inlay or onlay to restore a tooth. Inlays and onlays, also known as partial crowns, are porcelain prosthetics custom designed to replace sections of severely damaged teeth. Maximum tooth structure is preserved using inlays or onlays, and they are securely cemented onto teeth. The porcelain is matched to the tooth’s enamel color for a treatment that is strong and appealing.

Porcelain Crowns are Used in Several Prosthetic Restorations

Porcelain Crowns are another prosthetic used to treat both damaged and missing teeth. They can be placed over fragile teeth to preserve their form and function, or they can be used to treat tooth loss when paired with dental implants.

Treating tooth loss with crowns:

  • Removable prostheticsRemovable dentures and partial dentures may use crowns which are secured by adhesive paste, metal hooks, or dental implants. 
  • Permanent prosthetics: Crowns are an option with permanent restorations, supported by dental implants. The implant-supported restorations may replace a single tooth, a row of teeth, or a full arch of teeth.

Expertise in Design and Placement of Prosthetics and CEREC Technology for Same-Day Service

Whatever your dental needs, we provide the expertise and technology to give you quality and lifelike prosthetics for smiles that are lustrous and durable. They design gorgeous prosthetics and accurately place dental implants for comprehensive dental treatments done your way. ABQ Gentle Dentistry also utilizes CEREC technology to immediately fabricate porcelain prosthetics when requested. This same-day tooth replacement saves you multiple trips to the dental office and money.

For Outstanding Dental Care, Contact ABQ Gentle Dentistry

Call ABQ Gentle Dentistry in Albuquerque for a consultation to learn more about the myriad of ways we restore health to smiles. Dr. Dan Lafferty and his team hold themselves to the highest standards to ensure your prosthetics look and feel like natural teeth. 


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