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Albuquerque Dental Care

by Dr. Dan Lafferty

Dr. Dan Lafferty and his dental team pride themselves on being very gentle and caring while providing the highest quality dental care for patients. Our office combines the skills and modern practices of a state-of-the-art facility with a familiar and comfortable environment, and we aim to build relationships based on trust and honesty while tailoring dental treatment to our patients’ specific needs. Albuquerque Dental Care

We understand that some patients may not feel comfortable visiting the dentist due to fear or painful experiences in the past. Our dental team works tirelessly to get to know you and ensure you are completely relaxed before proceeding with treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Care

in Albuquerque

For Dr. Lafferty, making dentistry as gentle as possible is an important part of their practice. From administering an anesthetic to a general cleaning and dental exam, Dr. Lafferty aims to perform each step most gently as possible.

We believe that to feel absolutely comfortable; you must understand each part of your treatment plan. During your consultation, we take the time to counsel you and thoroughly explain the procedure you are receiving. No matter if you are having X-rays taken or receiving cosmetic dentistry treatment, we modify every explanation to accommodate the patient.

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You can be sure you will receive the most thorough, gentle dental care possible. To schedule an appointment with us in Albuquerque, contact Dr. Dan Lafferty today!
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